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Who & Why

Century Construction Services is your premier construction and reconstruction company serving Houston and the entire state of Texas. Whether you are looking to remodel your home, build a new home, or restore a home damaged by fire, water, wind, hail, flooding, mold, vehicular damage, or any other source of property damage, Century Construction Services will deliver exceptional service and quality work. We are dedicated to putting lives and businesses back together effectively and efficiently.


New Construction


Residential Remodeling




Restoration Consulting

We provide full consulting services for your restoration project.


We are a full service general contractor offering an array of services. Whatever your construction needs may be, residential, commercial, or industrial, Century Construction can help. However, our specialty here at Century is disaster restoration and insurance reconstruction. We have several highly trained project managers that will oversee your loss seamlessly leaving you with a feeling of security that your home or business is being restored in a professional manner.

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New Residential Build

kitchen boardup

Temporary Boardup


Bathroom Remodel


Kitchen Remodel


Hurricane Disaster

level addition

Commercial Building Construction

residential porch

Porch Addition

room additino

Residential Construction


Commercial Construction

commerical addition

Second Level Addition