Common Mistakes To Avoid During New Commercial Construction

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  New commercial construction is an exciting endeavor for business owners in Pinehurst. Getting your building up and functioning as quickly as possible is important for your business to begin. The construction process takes time and requires cooperation from all parties to get done quickly with satisfactory results. To produce quality results, it is important […]

The DIY Risks Of Tackling A New Office Space

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So your Pinehurst business is expanding, changing and in need of some renovation. Many remodeling projects go beyond the skills of the average business owner, which is why you need to be sure to have professionals like Century Construction Services get the work done properly. You may think it will save some money to try […]

Grow Your Business At Your Existing Address

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Need to add offices to an existing warehouse? Expand your distribution center? Renovate a manufacturing facility to meet new codes? All thriving businesses evolve — and as they do, so do their facilities. Century Construction works alongside your team to design a holistic solution for long-term performance. In Pinehurst, trust Century Construction to lead you […]

Typical Post-disaster Recovery and Restoration

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Life in Houston has sure been unpredictable. The Great Storm of 1900 rolled over Galveston with a 15 foot water surge and scoured the island: almost every home, business, road, water main, and especially the rail line. Galveston never recovered its commercial position. Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricanes Ike, Alicia, Rita and Katrina have battered the […]

Tips on home remodeling

When most people think about home remodeling, they tend to get worried that it will lead to more and more projects so they decide to just keep their out-dated kitchen as it is. The thought of remodeling your Houston home can be overwhelming. Before you decide to hold-off on that dream bathroom out of fear […]

3 Tips to Avoid Poor Design Choices in New Home Construction

Planning any venue—a wedding reception, work party, or even your own living room—means making difficult design choices. While fussing over napkin colors hardly seems important, the actual aesthetic appeal of an area largely contributes to the area’s functionality. The most important design choices we make, however, won’t be for a party. They’ll be for our […]

Why Hire a Restoration Team Before You Sell Your Home

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Your house is probably your most valuable asset. That is why it can be difficult to judge how to allocate and spend your repair and renovate dollars. What is a good update and what is a waste of money as you put your Houston home on the market? We at Century Construction would like to […]

Tile Trends 2019

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An affordable alternative to hardwood and natural stone, tile is a great option to update the overall look of your home. Easy of cleaning, durability, and lower investment costs continue to keep it at the forefront of the design world. With so many different options, Century Construction has some tips on what is trending in […]

3 Signs That You Need A Home Remodel

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Whether you are a long-time homeowner or just recently purchased an older home in the neighborhood, your home is going to be your safe haven. Your home is where you unwind from a long day, plan your future, spend time with your loved ones and make beautiful memories. But how do you know if it is time […]

Five Tips To Get Through Commercial Construction

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At Century Construction in the Pinehurst area, we know full well how stressful the commercial construction process can be. Thus, we are committed to being with you through each step of the construction of your commercial property. Below are six ways you can work with a construction company to allow the process to go more […]