Five Tips To Get Through Commercial Construction

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At Century Construction in the Pinehurst area, we know full well how stressful the commercial construction process can be. Thus, we are committed to being with you through each step of the construction of your commercial property. Below are six ways you can work with a construction company to allow the process to go more […]

Four Reasons Why Building A New Home Is A Smart Choice

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If you are in the market for a home, don’t underestimate the value of choosing to build your own. There are a lot of benefits to building a new home instead of buying. Century Construction Services in Houston has been helping homeowners build their dream homes for years and understand why building a new home can […]

Choosing A Contractor For Winter Remodeling

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Nationally, spring and summer are popular seasons for remodeling, but they might not be the best times to work on your project. In Houston, the winter reprieve from non-stop air conditioning might prompt you to get the doors and windows open for a remodeling project. Ideally, you’ll work with a contractor on your remodel before […]

Choosing A Home Remodeling Team In Houston

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When it is time to make some major changes in your home, installing cabinets, removing a wall or fixing a loose tile the bathroom is simple. The struggle to find a remodeler that fits your budget, timeline and temperament can be more difficult. Even with the best contractor, renovations can reveal unpleasant surprises like rotten subfloors […]

Recreate Your Dream Home: Advice for a Smooth Remodel

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You love your neighborhood. You appreciate the schools; you know every aisle of the grocery store. Even your dog loves the park. But if your house no longer works for you, you don’t have to move! You can recreate and remodel it to match your current needs. Important aspects of a successful remodel are: A […]

Turn Your Renovation Dreams Into Reality

Are you feeling like your house needs a complete makeover? You can’t entrust anyone to remodel your home because that place is the most important, but hire the certified and trained professionals

Are you feeling like your house needs a complete makeover? You can’t entrust anyone to remodel your home because that place is the most important, but hire the certified and trained professionals at Century Construction Services in Houston to remodel your home. They will ensure that your renovation dreams are turned into reality and you […]

Commercial Construction 2018 Trends

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As professionals plan 2018 and beyond, the direction shaping the construction industry are both 1) innovations on past improvements, such as better technology and offsite construction, and 2) some new trends, like a focus on resiliency after the damaging hurricane season. Technological Badges And Sensors New wearables that monitor heart rate, bodily rotation, external temperature, […]

Top Remodeling Trends 2018

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Whether you’re just looking to freshen a room or remodel your entire house, 2018 is a very exciting year for home design. To get that creativity flowing, start by switching out hardware in the kitchen or painting the front door, When you’re ready to start on a home remodeling project (or need help fixing one […]

Building A New Home: 6 Things To Think About

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Building a new home can be exciting with the anticipation of a home built specifically for you and to your taste. Whether it’s a starter home in Houston or your dream home somewhere nearby, building a new home is an investment. There will be stresses and struggles, but ultimately triumph when it’s all complete. Here […]

Home Remodeling: Adding a New Room

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Deciding on the right remodeling project for your Houston home can be a fun exciting process, or a tedious, gut-wrenching, “am I making the right decision” process. Century Construction Services is here to make sure experience with home remodeling doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Today we are going cover room additions and what you need […]