New Construction Services

New construction houstonEvery new construction project is unique in scope, but our process is systemically applied to fit every project need. Century Construction seeks to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide efficient building solutions, and identify challenges early on to negate design changes after construction commencement. This involves detailed pre-construction planning crucial to successful construction and on-time delivery and allows our client a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, and through to completion. Century Construction strives to create the best possible living and working environment for our clients. What that means is that our certified professionals do business with the utmost level of integrity. We do what we say we’re going to do, at every level of the company, and our core values of concern, creativity, passion, and the pursuit of perfection are upheld in every decision we make.


Why We Are The Best At New Construction

New Construction HoustonCentury Construction is proud of the high level of quality we are known to deliver. Our professionals work closely with our clients from start to finish.

Staying on Schedule.

Century recognizes and is fully committed to achieving our client’s completion dates. Century’s schedules are reflective of the actual scope of new construction work.

Cost Control.

Century is superior in its cost control management for any project. The proposal we submit will be reflective of the drawings and will be the most responsible offer in order to ensure that our client is purchasing what is specified and that it will be built on time.

Quality Control.

Our quality control efforts begin in the office during the bid process. Our schedules are built in the proper sequence which means that the subcontractors are working in an environment that is ready and suitable for their trade. How the project is built dictates the level of quality at completion.

Project Completion.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors in our approach to new construction project completion. Project completion does not simply mean the client has taken occupancy of their space. It also means that our professionals will inspect the work and direct all finish work to be completed to our client’s satisfaction and that all components and systems operate as specified. Call Century Construction today to get your FREE project estimate!