Remodeling Your Home in Pinehurst

Now that summer has arrived, this is a great time to make some additions to your Pinehurst home. reports that 59% of homeowners will start residential remodeling projects this time of the year. If you happen to be one of those who plan to make some additions to your home this summer, you are most likely well aware of the planning that’s needed to make sure everything comes together as you plan. Whether you are a person who likes to be hands-on in projects, or you’re the person who would rather let a professional do it, there are still many safety precautions to take into place. Here are some great things to remember as you plan to make some residential remodeling to your Pinehurst home.


residential remodel pinehurstBefore you start any project wherever you are, make sure that the work place you are in is safe for everyone. There can be many hazardous items when remodeling such as, heavy materials, exposed wires, and power tools. There are always some good tips to follow to help prevent any accidents from happening during your remodel. If you happen to have small children, make a designated area for them to play in so they are safe from any dangers. Also, make sure you dispose of any toxic chemicals properly if possible.

Fire Safety

Fire safety needs to be a priority when doing your remodel in a kitchen. Cooking is the leading cause for home fire injuries. Consider these simple tips before and during your remodeling project.

-Have appliances installed by a qualified electrician

-Keep any flammable item away from your oven

-Make sure to use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. These outlets are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens to help reduce the risk of an electric shock.

Preventing Falls and Slips

When remodeling areas like your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you choose the right flooring that helps resist slipping and also provides comfort to you. Safe floor styles could be tile, cork, wood, or even laminate. If you decide to add a rug to your floor, be sure to choose a rug that is non-slip to help provide safety.

What to Expect

Residential remodeling can be fun and very exciting. However, there will be lots of dust and noise going on. There is really no way to avoid any of this, but you can contain it. You could always put up plastic or temporary walls to help close off the area you are remodeling with the rest of the home. This could help reduce the amount of dust that is spread through your Pinehurst home, as well as reduce the amount of noise.

All of us hope for our projects to go as smooth as we imagine, but that is never the case. There will always be some sort of unexpected delays going on. You should always put aside some extra money when you remodel so you can over come many of these delays with ease. Also, be prepared for the residential remodeling to take a little extra time to complete.

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